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Friday April 7, 2006

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Second one — the Xuefeng tea that I’ve had before and talked about before. This tea is a little odd, actually, because it is winter picked (packed in early November). It tastes a little perculiar, as tieguanyins go, which I think is largely attributable to the picking date.

The leaves are very strudy, thick, with a little stem included. They’re rolled somewhat tightly. I think this is where the Taiwan style comes in — they’re trying to imitate the Taiwanese look and taste by rolling it tighter. The tea itself, in taste, is high in that typical Taiwanese type fragrance. It lacks a little of the character of typical Fujian tea in favour of more fragrance, I think. There is a hint of sourness, not overly pronounced, but it’s there. The tea comes out with a long aftertaste, the guanyinyun, and is nice in that sense. However, the tea brews somewhat rough — its body is not smooth like some tieguanyins. I tried to be more careful in how I brew, but I didn’t get that smoothness. Perhaps this is also due to the picking date, although that’s hard to say.

Opening of new tea tomorrow. That will be the one I got in Beijing this trip. When I tasted it there, it was really good. Let’s see if it repeats.

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