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Packing teapots

March 11, 2023 · 2 Comments

So…. this is how I pack my teapots for moving. You buy those butcher paper – enough to wrap them all. Then, just simply wrap the pot with the paper – usually trying to get a sheet between the lid and the body, so it’s at least cushioned if not snug. Although, take care not to be too snug – you could, theoretically, crush your lid that way if you try to force it in and the lid is tight to begin with. Thankfully, with my loose lids, that’s rarely an issue.

Then you just put them in the box – the point is to 1) stop the pots from touching anything else and 2) cushion it enough so that there’s no room for shaking. This is a box that’s filled to the brim, probably something like 60 pots total. There are a few of these boxes that I need to unpack. It’s gonna take me a little while….

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March 11, 2023 · 5 Comments

So, it’s been a while. I have sort of neglected this place – partly because I have nothing really new to say, partly because, well, blogs are a bit of a dead genre. Either way, this place has languished.

But I do have plans, at least, to try to change that. One impetus is that I moved recently, which means that, once again, I packed up all my teapots and am reminded of the gargantuan task of cataloging all of them. I should take photos of them all, and while doing so, I suppose I should also post them here. So, I’m making myself do that, and you can expect to see teapot porn soon. I will, however, make a small change. No more volume measure – it’s a finicky thing that doesn’t really serve any purpose anyway. I think I’ll just put physical dimension here and call it a day. Measuring volume requires me to pour water in, weigh it, pour it out, and then let it dry – a time consuming process that also adds risk of breakage. I’d rather not do that. So, physical measure it will be.

Another thing of note is that finally, this website has an https address, so Chrome won’t freak out anymore about it being not updated. Sorry for the long delay in that. I also have a lot of links to my old photobucket that probably should be fixed. I’ve been working on it, but it’s taking a long time and I’ve got other things to do, alas. That’s what happens when you run a site off old, old web services from the early 2000s and never spent the time going back fixing everything…

Anyway, hope you’re all alive and well.

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