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Aged tieguanyin

June 29, 2008 · 1 Comment

I drank some tieguanyin today, which I tasted very early on in this blog’s life. That’s basically two years ago when I last tried it, and looking back at those comments, it’s really rather interesting how my view of teas in general have changed.

Two years on, the tea is still good. It’s still in the same tin, although its contents mostly gone. The tea is developing a little tartness that I don’t think it had before. There’s a more subdued aroma now — the floral sort of quality is certainly gone, or at least dissipated. However, it’s also not bitter anymore — bitterness seems to go out of the window after a few years.

Is this tea more enjoyable than it was two years ago? That’s quite hard to say. After all, it has lost the freshness of a new tea. It will not satisfy those who are looking for a nice green cup of tieguanyin. Yet, I think nowadays my body likes these things much better than fresh tea — maybe I’m getting stale myself, so I require stale teas.

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