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Adding silver to the tea

June 27, 2008 · 3 Comments

No, I didn’t run away. I’ve just been rather busy settling in, and playing with the silver kettle.

I’ve tried four things with it so far. Two aged oolongs, one puerh, and one lighter oolong that’s slightly aged. I think what I have found so far is that overall, water that has gone through the silver kettle seems to impart more “depth” to the teas in question.

Now, what do I mean by that? I think first and foremost, the teas seem to be a little more aromatic. The “high” notes are more emphasized, whereas I think when using a tetsubin, the “low” notes are more pronounced. Also, for the two aged oolongs and also the puerh (a border tea) I got a very long lasting throatiness that was quite pleasant, and is certainly something that I personally like to taste in my teas. Basically, the longer a tea stays in my mouth after I swallowed, the better.

Still, I am probably going to hold onto this for a few more days before I should send it off, and it might be time to break out my competition tea tasting set to do a comparison…..

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