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Back to the rougui

February 9, 2007 · Leave a Comment

I went back today to the first Wuyi tea I bought in Beijing, the rougui. The leaves are quite broken, mostly as a product of roasting (where you have to move the leaves). They’re dark, and when sniffed, they exude that roasted aroma.

The tea is still just as pleasant as before, although I detect a hint of sourness in the first two infusions that I didn’t before. I’m not sure why. Perhaps after having been in the open tin for half a year, it has gotten a little moisture from my opening/closing of the tin, and thus gotten slightly sour. Perhaps it’s my brewing today. I’m not sure. It’s only a hint, and it went away by the 3rd infusion. I probably also added slightly too much leaves. With a little less, it might’ve been nicer.

Since I’m heading back to Hong Kong in a few days, I need to do some last minute shopping at Maliandao and elsewhere. I think I might also go buy a set of tools for brewing tea in Hong Kong, so I don’t need to bring teaware back and forth again…. especially since I broke half of the stuff I brought over last time, which was decidedly not pleasant.

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