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Friday February 3, 2006

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I am a bad boy. I drank tea twice today.

It’s rare for me to do so, since I normally drink by myself and drinking two rounds means a significant consumption of caffeine. I usually get pretty buzzed when I do that, and I certainly was buzzed when I headed out for dinner tonight.

I had a white tea — as they’re all called White Peony, the name doens’t tell you much. The tea is not the broken leaves kind, but rather close to the Yinzhen style white tea. The great thing about white tea is that as long as it’s of ok quality, it’s fairly consistent (so long as you drink it fast) and they’re rarely expensive. The bad thing is that they are also rather boring and can get very stale after a while — they always taste the same.

It’s also a rather warm tea, as it is actually processed by a slower method than green tea, which gets dried in a very hot pan. White tea is always a little warming, which is nice.

One more thing — white tea is great when you go to a Chinese restaurant. The reason is this — if you order something like Puerh, you really have no clue how long and, most importantly, WHERE that Puerh has been. The Puerh can be sitting on the kitchen floor with rats running over it, and it’ll still taste ok. The white tea, however, will taste like absolute crap if it’s been maltreated. So they tend to keep it well, and you are assured of a cleaner tea. Something to keep in mind!

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