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Friday February 3, 2006

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Today’s a nasty day with rain outside, and I had to get up early to show a video to my class (and I realized that it’s a silly idea to show a video at 9am, won’t do it again).

To reward myself, I came home early to brew some tea. I couldn’t really decide on what to brew, but I thought since I got some new qingxiang tieguanyin, I should finish off my old stash, which is getting close to a year old now and still not done. I got this stuff in San Francisco’s Chinatown (no, not at the Imperial Tea Court). It’s not too bad for the price I paid, which was fairly reasonable. Qingxiang tieguanyin is actually a favourite of mine, but it’s hard to get good ones and it does get boring after a while.

Anyway, here are some pics

The tea itself

My qingxiang tieguanyin pot, and this is definitely my favourite pot 🙂

The finished product

The tea I got from Upton is actually somewhat better, I think, although since it’s fresher, that should really come as no surprise. This one is now a little flat and losing some flavour. Oh well, that’s what happens when you put it away too long and not finish it quickly. With a lighter flavoured tea like this, you really have to consume them fast or the flavour goes away. That’s one great thing about Puerh — no expiration date.

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