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How times change

February 10, 2008 · Leave a Comment

(As I was about to post this blog post last night…. strong winds knocked out the power lines!)

I remember I used to like this tea quite a bit

This is the supposed 30 years old puerh from Best Tea House. I remember I liked it, thinking it both rather reasonable in price and decent in taste. Yet, today, when I tried it again after not having touch it in probably more than a year, it doesn’t seem so good anymore. It might be Vietnamese tea, first of all, with that signature taste. It’s a bit lacking in sweetness and depth. It doesn’t really go to your throat very much. Etc

Mind you, it’s not horrible. It’s still, I think, a pretty ok tea, but it doesn’t do it for me anymore. Maybe my tastes have changed, and hopefully not too much for the better (that’ll make buying tea harder and harder). I suppose increased experience means that you notice more and more things that you didn’t before. Drinking this today, I definitely felt how I have changed as a tea drinker. Maybe it’s a blessing, maybe it’s just a curse….

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