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Bottled oolong

September 29, 2007 · Leave a Comment

This is what passed for tea today

Lengshan (Cold Mountain) oolong, it says. No sugar, the little red seal in the bottom right indicates. The little sticker sticking out (you can see the profile of it) says “2007 Yushan First Prize Tea winner (again)”. Ingridients? Water, oolong tea, Yushan oolong tea (less than 20mg/100ml natural caffeine). Retail cost is about $1 USD (or maybe $2 USD now the way the exchange rate is going, haha)

Hmmm, yum.

The “first prize” thing is obviously a gimmick. I bet there’s 1/1000000 in weight of first prize tea in whatever vat they use to brew this tihng. Most of it is probably cheap grade oolong…. leftovers from whatever else that was being made, or maybe liquid pesticide, or some such…

This actually is one of the better tasting ones out there, although it is a bit sour. The one thing it has going for it (besides no sugar) is that there’s no “natural flavours” in the tea. You can definitely taste it when they add flavourings. The tea would come out a little saccharin, with an odd aftertaste and something not quite natural in the way it behaves. This tea is ok by comparison, although I actually still prefer the Itoen Huangjingui. That is actually decent, for what it’s worth. This is merely ok…. good enough for the necessary caffeine for a day with no time at home for real tea.

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