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No tea today

April 20, 2007 · Leave a Comment

But fret not, I’m fixing the problem by making some loose puerh in a cup.  On my way home here I was feeling the onset of a slightly dull headache, which, if unchecked, will turn into a rather unhappy headache in a few hours.  By about 4 or 5am, it will be bad enough to wake me up.  Very bad.  I’m not going to let the lack of caffeine disrupt my sleep (it’s happened before).

The dry tea of this puerh has been stored in my tea cupboard for a few months now without me distrubing it.  I noticed just now, when I took it out of my bag, that it has acquired a bit of that young puerh smell.  The smell of other teas around it must have infected it.  Tasting it, however, doesn’t show any of that note — it’s strictly the nose.  The tea has mellowed out a little since I bought it though, no doubt due to the airing and so dissipating some of the wet storage smell.

The train ride was uneventful, but it was a real eye-opener, being able to see the landscape change from a rather bleak and dry north to the more plentiful, greener, and wetter south.  As the train moved from Shandong province to Jiangsu, the landscape gradually became softer and greener.  There’s a reason why the cultural capital of China has always been in the Jiangnan area, which is the Yangtze River delta.  Production is just obviously higher, even to somebody who’s passing by the countryside in a train.

I’m also in green tea country, but I’m sure you’ll hear more of it in the next few weeks.

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