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Maliandao again

February 11, 2007 · Leave a Comment

I went back to Maliandao again today, mostly because I have to do some more pre-holiday shopping. This is, after all, a few days before Chinese New Year (or as my girlfriend always reminds me, Asian New Year). I ended up with one cake of puerh, and also some more teaware. I still haven’t completed my purchases (things are just soooo much cheaper here than Hong Kong or the US). A friend, DY, is asking me if I want to go tomorrow. I just might….. since the library is not open anyway (yeah, they’re closed on Mondays).

I also tried some teas today, mostly young puerhs of various kinds, although I went easy on the amount of teas I drank. All in all… nothing too remarkable. Of interest was a Yiwu from 2002. It’s been sitting in Beijing for two years, and on a shelf in the store. Let’s just say the tea was extremely dry (i.e. the leaves are flaky and were crispy). The tea was terrible… bland, rough, and worst of all, it sucked all water out of my throat. I felt really unwell after drinking that thing, and needed to get some water to flush it out. There’s been a few times when I’ve tried these “on the shelf” teas from Beijing that have been sitting here for a while, and the result is almost uniformly bad. I think the weather here really is too dry.

I also tried my Yiwu tea again that I so coveted. This is probably the last time I’m going to drink it for quite a while, as I decided I shouldn’t waste it by drinking it now, but instead should let it age a bit before touching it again and see how it has progressed. It’s a little rough, but the body is full and the flavour deep. I’m still pretty happy about it :).

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