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Shanghai tea shopping

January 15, 2007 · Leave a Comment

I discovered last night that the biggest tea market in Shanghai, the Tianshan market, is very close to my house (very close being about a half hour walk, briskly).  I walked there after dinner, knowing full well it was about to close.

The place is weird.  Instead of a big, flat layout, like in Beijing tea malls, this one was multi-storied, with each story being rather small.  I only browsed around the ground floor, as shops were already closing and I think the ones upstairs were definitely closed.  I walked around… it was an interesting sight.  Lots more green tea and tieguanyin, and less puerh in general.  A lot of stores carry some puerh, but only a few specialize in it, and the ones that do only carry some pretty inferior goods.  There was only one cake that I found slightly interesting, but I have doubts about the price.  In fact, prices are high all around.  I asked about a Changtai Yiwu Zhengpin, which normally should cost about 50 RMB or so.  The quote?  400……….

I will head back there again for a closer look, but this is not very promising

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