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Wednesday September 20, 2006

September 20, 2006 · 2 Comments

I didn’t have proper tea today. I was out with my sister all day long, so we never had time. We stopped by a place that serves bubble tea, and there wasn’t anything for me, of course, but since I should order something, I got a “Rose Tieguanyin” iced tea. Nasty is all I can say. And expensive.

Then we had dinner at Made in China, where they serve the best Peking Duck in town. While I was waiting for a table (she went upstairs to her hotel room to meet with my brother-in-law and to drop stuff off) I ordered a pot of Dahongpao to pass my time. It comes in a big metal pot, probably a liter worth of water or more. This is their standard tea. It was watery, as you can imagine.

They also do “traditional” tea service, which is done in small pots — basically gongfu style. They can do it for one, or they can do it for up to six. I think that, though, is more or less a very touristy attraction — for people who want to feel like they’re experiencing something. Part of their wall is lined up with a nice display of lots of yixing pots. I asked one of the waitresses if they actually ever use any of them, and the answer was no. Instead, there seem to be only a few pots that they ever use.

I have never seen anybody order a full traditional tea. So I don’t know how they actually do it, but somehow, I suspect it’s done with much flair but not much care. The pot that they just used was wet, but the lid was closed…

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