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Sunday June 11, 2006

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I went out for some fairly poor dimsum today. MSG lovefest. Then when we were on the way back, since it was a rainy day and it didn’t seem like anyone had anything to do, I invited the two friends who were still with me (the others dropped off at various points) to come over for some tea. They quickly agreed — lazy rainy early summer day, right after graduation, what could be better?

Since one of the persons in question just got his PhD and paraded around campus two days ago in his big crimson robe, I thought it might be somewhat fitting to brew up the dahongpao. I used my big gaiwan, and put in about 80% tea leaves. It was a strong brew, but like I said I always do when I have guests, I seem to make better tea when someone else other than me is drinking the stuff. I think I just pay more attention to timing, temperature, pouring, and all that stuff when someone is watching me.

Obviously, with three people one tea isn’t really enough, so after a short rest, I opened up my final bag of the Beijing qingxiang tieguanyin, since it’s my best light fire tieguanyin I have right now, and I didn’t want to make crap for them (that’s for when I’m by myself trying to burn off my tea supply). For that, I used the pot, and it was very fun having them here, chatting the afternoon away. I really should have a better set up, with proper chairs and a good tea table, but that’s for when I have a permanent abode. For now, my cheap Ikea coffee table will have to do.

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