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Small world

July 10, 2008 · 2 Comments

I got some mail two days ago, and among the contents of the bag was a sample with a familiar neifei.

Wasn’t expecting to see this… and whose handwriting is that? I’m sure my readers can figure that out.

This tea, incidentally, was recommended by me to Hobbes, and then, I suppose, Hobbes sent a sample to this person, who then sent the rest of the sample to me…. it’s a small world after all. There are two versions of this cake, one with two words inside the red circle, the other with one. I bought the one with one word, having tried both, and they’re currently sitting in Hong Kong waiting to get better.

I should hasten to add, this is the same company that makes the Douji cakes now. They were having branding issues and couldn’t quite decide on what to call themselves. At that time, the brand was Yisheng, and nowadays I think they’re reviving that brand for cooked puerh.

It’s a nice tea — not too nasty to drink now, and I think has enough to go the distance. I wonder how my cakes are doing in Hong Kong.

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