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Wedding favours

July 11, 2008 · 5 Comments

Tea seems to be getting more popular as a wedding favour these days. It makes sense — it can come in small quantities and nicely presented. I recently went to a wedding in LA where the favour was two of those flowering jasmine balls. They’re pretty (thought usually not very tasty) and suits the purpose pretty well. I’ve also heard of people giving out those individualized teabags, usually one of those fancy pyramid shaped ones, as a favour.

My original idea for my own favour was to make a gaiwan for everybody — ordering them from China direct, since I have the friends who know people who make gaiwans. But it was getting too costly, especially with the risk of breakage in shipping, etc etc, so that was dumped as an idea. So I turned to Adagio, who offer sample sized tins with bags as favours. Ok…. but why are they all “vanilla”, “strawberry”, “licorice” flavoured teas??

I guess part of the problem is cost — favours are supposed to be cheap, I guess, but I can’t stand the idea of giving my guests such swill…

So after some discussion with the sales rep, who told me that for many teas they can’t do the number of favours I need, it seems like Yunnan gold is one of the ones that seems accpetable. I ordered one to try, and this is it — looks fairly ok, methinks. The tea is not too bad itself — quite smooth, mellow, nothing too exciting, but Yunnan gold isn’t really supposed to be exciting. I originally wanted to do a Keemun, as I think they are better teas, but alas, they don’t have enough of it, and I don’t trust oolongs or greens from them. To be fair though, I’ve never ordered from them before, so I don’t know for sure, but I tend to think that for things like this which might go to people who never otherwise drink loose leaf tea, giving them something too exotic can possibly provoke a bad reaction in one form or another — think people who might dump the whole sample into a pot and brew it five minutes. In fact, I wonder if I should make a note to make sure people don’t do that…

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