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Iwii Sampe 5

April 11, 2008 · 1 Comment

Another sample today, this time Iwii’s sample 5. The tea is distinctly younger than the other stuff I’ve tried so far from him. The leaves are green!

Looks more in line with maybe a 2-3 years old tea than a 5-7 years old stuff that I’ve been sampling from him.

The liquor looks similar

In fact, looks more like yesterday’s tea. The taste is a very potent yet subtle one, good mouthfeel and strong minty effect all around, nice throatiness, good qi, some hints of sweetness in the back, but it’s not a very obvious one at this point and is quite subtle, but there…. all in all, very good. It is better than yesterday’s tea, no offense to the Douji folks. Not leaps and bounds better, but definitely better.

If I remember correctly, Iwii said this is Wisteria’s Longpa from, I think, 2006? Zhou Yu has my respects, and this tea, anyway, is very good.

The wet leaves are uniformly plucked, good processing, mostly whole leaves… did I say this tea’s good?

Too bad his teas cost an arm and a leg. I guess a few cakes are ok, but anything more can really cost your wallet…

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  • iwii // April 11, 2008 at 3:22 am | Reply

    Good! I was expecting you to like that one. But on the other hand, I came to wonder if you were able to like any tea 🙂
    The price is a bit high indeed, but everything is these days…
    That area seems to produce decent teas, because I also tasted another LongPa (IIRC made by the company that gave you the 6 original mountains maocha last year, not completely sure though…), and it had similar qualities. But that was complicated, since the cake was not yet for sale, and they had another LongPa for sale that I haven’t tasted… So at the end of the day, I went for that one.
    Yet if you happen to meet cakes from that area later, maybe it is worth a try.
    Oh! and in case you were wondering, it is less tenacious than the ZJW unfortunately (or fortunately for the latter). I wasted almost a complete day just to check that carefully.

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