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Aged maocha

February 13, 2008 · Leave a Comment

I was thinking of drinking my biyuzhu today while rummaging through my tea closet, and I thought I found what I wanted. Out came the bag…. and lo and behold, it’s the wrong tea (in a similar looking bag). Ooops, but it will do. I got the aged maocha I bought from Taiwan instead.

It was expensive, too expensive for what it is, but I think it’s a good example of regularly (but not bone dry) stored maocha. No wet storage. It’s allegedly around 12 years old. I can believe that.

The tea is, I think, currently in transition into the kind of flavour that you will think of more as aged puerh. Drier stored teas though will exhibit signs of youth after a few infusions. So you will first get a more aged taste, but it sort of reverts back to a greener profile. Overall, the stuff tends to be perfumy, just like a dry stored aged oolong – somehow the fragrance gets accentuated through age. I wonder why?

The leaves are sort of brown — but in a good way, and there are still some greener ones among them.

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