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Aaron sample 3

November 14, 2007 · Leave a Comment

Third in the series

I have more of this sample than the other two, but I thought I should use approximately the same amount anyway for consistency sake. The dry leaves smell a little familiar. It’s not too tightly compressed. Looks dry stored, more or less

The tea is a bit more intereating than the last two, I think. When I first drank it I thought it tasted somewhat familiar — I’ve had something like this before. I couldn’t, however, come up with what it was that it tasted like. I just know that I’ve had something similar.

It’s decent enough, somewhat aromatic, hits the throat a little, although a bit rough on the tongue. The leaves smelled ok, if a little “green”. No real faults, but neither is it a real standout. The durability of the tea is good though — it withstood quite a few infusions.

Then I sniffed the pot where I put the wash… smells a little like some Lincang tea I’ve had. I wonder if that’s what this is.

The wet leaves are sort of whole — mostly smaller leaves and buds.

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