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Impressions of a “wild arbour” tree

November 4, 2007 · 1 Comment

I drank this today

“Yiwu Impressions” from Zhongcha, given to me by L. L is a first line distributor for Zhongcha’s puerh, and as he told me — this is made from plantation tea. The tea’s wholesale price is 100 RMB, which means that by the time it gets into hands of consumers…. it’ll be probably double that, or more, who knows.

There are some broken stuff

So I used those. The colour of the liquor is ok enough

The tea is bland, uninteresting… it has a bit of that Yiwu taste to it, but overall I find it weak and boring. The leaves:

Are varied… but I think looking at this sample, it tells me that everything everybody told me about how to identify an old, wild, arbour tree tea based on looks is wrong, because you can find some leaves in this sample that will satisfy one or even a few of those criterias, yet, this is plantation tea.

So we can forget about trying. It’s all about how it behaves in the mouth, and this tea just doesn’t cut it.

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