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Taking a break

May 6, 2007 · 5 Comments

I am leaving the Wangzhi and the Youle maochas for another day, for my body can no longer handle the rather powerful teas that the last four have presented.  While it is certainly one of the most enjoyable and interesting series of tasting I’ve done so far, it seems like the cumulative effect of drinking these things has taken a toll and I should probably conserve my energy by resting for a day or two before resuming.

Since I have to buy a little cake breaking tool, and hoping to get an electric scale, I went to Tianshan today with Jackson today to get some stuff.

I did find a pick, but those small electric scales were nowhere to be found.  However, I think I have secured the good will of a teashop girl there who is willing to let me use her big scale for the purpose of dividing up the samples.  So I am going to go back there tomorrow, tea in hand, with empty bags at the ready, and parcel them out into proper sized samples so I can mail them out.  I am hoping to send them all in the mail by the end of the week.  Sorry for taking so long.

Here is a picture of the tea:

Looks like some other green substance, doesn’t it?  :>

You might wonder… why two bags?

That’s because I found another cake today that I thought would be an interesting contrast to the one I was going to send out originally, and after deliberating it with Jackson… I decided to buy an extra cake to pass around.  So everybody will be getting two samples instead of one.  I hope your stomach can handle it 🙂

Some of you have asked how you can send money to me… if you wish please paypal to the email I gave out and it will be fine, although I discovered that if you need to use credit card, I will get charged, and given the small amounts of money we’re dealing with it makes that all rather silly.  So if the only way you can use paypal is through a credit card, then don’t worry about it :)  Mailing itself should cost less than I imagined originally, and so I think even with the extra weight of the second tea, we should be fine :).

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