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Taobao lottery

November 23, 2010 · Leave a Comment

Buying tea from Taobao can be a little bit like buying a scratch lotto ticket — you might win, but you might not, and more often than not, you get nothing (or not much) out of your purchase.  I bought a number of cakes recently, and only two or three have really turned out decent…. the rest are quite so so, or even worse, terrible.

Herein lies the main problem — I can’t taste them before I buy, and I can’t just buy a very small amount before committing to a larger purchase (a cake).  So, oftentimes I’m stuck buying cakes that look good, or what not, but even then, you really have no idea what you’re buying, and looks are (especially on the internet) very deceiving.

Sometimes I wonder why I bother at all, but after a while of no-purchase, I’d inevitably get that itch and want to try something new again.  In that sense, it is also like a lotto ticket — the gratification of finding something nice (which does happen sometimes) is just too alluring.

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