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Chataku by the dozen

May 8, 2009 · 5 Comments

Well, not quite a dozen… but I’ve grown quite attached to these things, and have obviously collected some over time

They usually come in sets of five, although the one on the bottom right I only have four of.  I like the metal ones, I think they provide a nice contrast against the porcelain cups.  Another important thing though is that they’re heavier.  The wood ones I feel are too light and flimsy, as if the cup is going to tip over any time.  With a metal one I don’t feel that imminent danger.  They also serve a practical function — they help the cup dissipate the heat, which makes the tea hit drinkable temperature faster.  Otherwise, I will have to wait longer.  Of course, they also make tea cups easier to hold when hot (by me avoiding touching the cups all together) and save the surface of my wooden trays.

So all in all… a pretty addition to my set, and one I never go without these days.

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