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Moving sale

April 17, 2009 · 2 Comments

Being a young academic means you pretty much have to deal with the nomadic lifestyle, at least until you find a stable job. I have to move again in a few months, and as anybody who’s followed this blog for a while would know, I’ve accumulated a lot of things in the past few years.

So in the interest of lessening the load of things I have to carry, as well as putting some of these items to better use than sitting on my shelves collecting dust, here are some teaware that I’ve dug up so far that I am hoping will find a better home somewhere else.

In the interst of not cluttering up the blog with too many messages, please inquire about prices or ask for more details/pictures by emailing me. My address is marshaln at gmail. The list of items here are

5 cups
1 silver plated kyusu
1 tea caddy
1 tetsubin
1 teapot + yuzamashi
5 chataku (one set)

Most of these I’ve used at one time or another, some rather extensively. They are no longer items that I use for my tea drinking, however, and will probably be more useful to some others. I also have some other cups that I am thinking of parting ways with. If you’re so inclined, shoot me an email too.

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  • teagoober // April 17, 2009 at 6:27 pm | Reply

    I know how the moving thing goes. I just recently did the same thing. I didnt realize just how much tea stuff I had untill it was time to pack it all up. Be brave, you,ll get thru it.

  • Anonymous // April 17, 2009 at 11:13 pm | Reply

    I am definitely interested in the silver-plated kyusu and possibly the tea caddy. How much for each and/or both? I may also be into the chataku. I am a serious teaware collector (though also a student, UC Berkeley) currently studying Japanese history. Alas, the most joy I get in life is making and enjoying tea alongside fine teawares. I think you know what I mean ^_^. Anyways, my e-mail is splnorton@yahoo.com. I’m an avid reader of you blog and would love to have a wonderful memory of it as I sit down to drink tea in the future. Hope to hear from you!

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