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2005 Yangqing Hao Yiwu

March 5, 2009 · 2 Comments

Haven’t done this for a while

I have a box of samples sitting around. I have, until very recently, forgotten about them. They serve no real purpose sitting there, and aging samples really isn’t an ideal way to go. So instead of letting them just rot in the box, I figured it’s time to dig some out and drink them.

There are still a few pieces in the bag, and juding from the bag I used, I haven’t touched this thing since Beijing, which means the last time I tried this was probably sometime in early 2007, if even. That’s two years ago. How did it change, if any?

The tea came out rather meek, a little tart, and somewhat boring. I must say right now, it’s not a very interesting thing to drink. It’s not really supposed to, as teas that are a few years old tend to be a little awkward, and this is certainly in that zone. However, I do wonder if it didn’t taste a little weak. I remember I was not a particularly big fan of the 2005 anyway. It seems like almost four years of aging hasn’t done a thing to change it.

The leaves are still rather green. It’s not as if the tea is bad. It’s just not that exciting at this point in time, especially considering the fact that it was not very cheap.

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