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And the winner is…

March 29, 2009 · Leave a Comment

Well, time’s up. Nothing like a little prize to entice people to post response on this blog, it seems. It’s usually pretty quiet around here. I blame Xanga and hope to move at some point, sooner rather than later.

Anyway, the winner of the little competition is….. Theo. His guess was “the fourth pot has been seasoned the longest/the most, hence its shininess compared with the other pots?”. That is more or less correct, although not 100% spot on in the details. There’s no way he or anybody else would know, however, because the other four pots were just cleaned through intense bleaching of their rather heavy layer of patina/dirt/whatever buildup. I was brewing some puerh that day in pot #4, and have the rest of them drying out after the soaking/cleaning process, and all of a sudden I noticed how much shinier it was than the other ones.

Pot #4 hasn’t always been shiny, however. I can’t quite find the oldest post that features this pot, but I do remember that right after I cleaned it the first time, it was very dull — and I remember feeling somewhat disappointed that it looked so dull. Well, it’s not quite so dull anymore. It’s looking a lot better than it did when it came out of the bath.

This post is somewhat similar, chronicling me cleaning my current young puerh pot.

Anyway, Theo, you should email me your address so I can send you your cup. Email is marshaln at gmail

Thanks for playing!

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