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Loose mixed puerh

January 17, 2008 · 1 Comment

A surprise visitor today outside the window; this is what you get for living in the middle of nowhere

Just because there’s a pretty deer out there who was quite nervous about a human being moving around doesn’t mean I don’t drink my tea today

This is a random bag of puerh that I found in my tea closet. I don’t know where it came from — I didn’t label it (as I normally don’t — a bad habit) and I now don’t remember where it’s from. From the looks of it, it is some traditionally stored loose puerh, most likely from some Hong Kong shop, and very likely Vietnamese in origin.

When the dry leaves hit the warmed pot — indeed, smells like Vietnamese loose puerh.

The stuff is standard, although, I think this is better than the border tea I bought in Taiwan. It’s got a little more softness, and a sweeter taste in general. Quite decent for regular consumption, as long as one’s not too picky.

An examination of the wet leaves tells me why that might be the case

You might be able to tell from the picture with all the leaves that there are actually two types of leaves in this mix — some are greener, more flexible, and softer in feel, while the others are tough, inflexible, and darker in colour. The darker stuff look more like the border tea leaves, whereas the greener softer stuff look like Yunnan leaves I’ve seen before…. is that a coincidence? Probably not.

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