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March 25, 2007 · 2 Comments

Being at a conference means that I can only have bad tea. I have no option of brewing any sort of tea at home, and the only available tea around the conference area was Starbucks.

Which…. interestingly enough, no longer offers Tazo. Instead, we have Starbucks offering Harney & Sons teas now, in those nifty pyramid teabags. Most of the teas are odd though… including some Mudan white tea with bergamont oil (yes, a White Earl Grey), green tea with lemon and ginger, and that sort of thing…. not exactly what I was looking for. I just got an English breakfast.

I almost missed the Tazo stuff seeing the odd flavours coming from H&S

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  • HobbesOxon // March 25, 2007 at 12:18 pm | Reply

    Conference tea survival is just a matter of packing a small container of leaves in your briefcase – there’s usually a few urns of boiling water on hand. I’ve made a good number of tea-friends this way, funnily enough. Most of them were Taiwanese profs, many of whom like to show you that they know about tea… One even led to a request for a book chapter, heh. Never leave home without your leaves!



  • MarshalN // March 25, 2007 at 5:22 pm | Reply

    Yeah, my girlfriend suggested it.  I was too lazy to pack it.

    There’s always next time!

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