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January 9, 2007 · Leave a Comment

I walked by the tea store in the supermarket again, and saw something interesting — it was the cake that I bought at the Best Tea House before I left Hong Kong this time.  So, I walked up to the cake and took a closer look to see if it’s the same thing.  It is, and it’s priced $400 RMB… almost 3 times what I paid in Hong Kong, proof that not all tea is cheaper here.

I picked up the cake anyway, smelling it, to see if it smells any different (it looks more or less the same).  At this point, the sales came up behind me, and starting saying “this is a 8582 cake”.  Ok…. it’s not, obviously, since it’s not made by Menghai and looks nothing like any 8582 I’ve ever seen.  The best comment followed…”this cake is cooked puerh”.


Lady, this ain’t cooked puerh!  This is a 2-3 years raw puerh!  Whoever hired this woman should be fired.  Then again, maybe it’s exactly this kind of misinformation that allows them to sell at such extremely exorbitant prices?  I mean, my oh my, cooked puerh?  8582?  This is a small factory (tiny, in fact) cake that uses big tree leaves and has quite a nice throat feel, even though the liquor is light and the flavour is also somewhat light, and you tell me this is cooked puerh?

I just shot back “this is not cooked puerh”, put it down, and left.  They looked a bit shocked… I guess usually potential customers don’t do this sort of thing.  Cooked puerh… meh


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