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Sunday October 1, 2006

October 1, 2006 · 1 Comment

Sanzui is quite the resource. It’s a Chinese language forum for tea addicts like me, and there are lots of people (hello, 1.3 billion people!) who go there and post. The quality of the posts are high for the few people who do have some very interesting knowledge, and there are lots of interesting photos to see.

Among the things I’ve learned, or at least read about, is puerh processing, which I’ve already talked a little about, and also things like looking at what is a Lao Banzhang versus a fake Lao Banzhang tea, a whole bunch of Dayi cakes and how they look, dried and brewed, a treatise on Mengku’s early works, somebody’s thoughts of storing pu (10 years experience), buying tea on Maliandao (apparently I’m already pretty good — seems like the tea city at the back really is better, as I thought).

Lots of things to learn…. not enough time.

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