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Thursday September 7, 2006

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I brewed up some of my own tea (the new tieguanyin I bought) today using the new kettle. It’s all right. The one I have in the States is definitely better, by far. Then again, at a fraction of the cost, I really can’t complain.

I underbrewed my tieguanyin, in the sense that I didn’t add in enough leaves. The tea came out a bit lacking… not punchy enough. It could be better, I think, with more leaves, although then it might get a tad bitter. Thankfully, I brought along some stuff from Hong Kong that is very high fired. If I feel the need, I can always pull that out and drink that instead.

It’s awfully difficult to find nongxiang tieguanyin here in Beijing. People all prefer qingxiang taste, so very few vendors sell nongxiang stuff. I am going to go hit up some specialty teahouses in the next few days to see if I can find such things, but I’m not holding my breath. Basically, people here traditionally drink jasmine and green tea, so getting them to drink other things is a bit of work. Their puerh taste is cooked puerh, and their tieguanyin taste is qingxiang. Sigh.

This weekend I should get around to pot boiling. I also need to find some reasonably cheap Wuyi tea to boil my new pot with, so as to season it.

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