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Monday September 4, 2006

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This is my new Beijing setup. The teaware this time matches a little more — all white. They’re not of extremely high quality, but good enough, and the whole thing (tray and all) came to about $40 USD, which is not too bad all things considered.

I brewed tea today, and it works. The only problem is the flame — there’s a nasty smell when the kettle is on the black base. Upon further reflection, I think the flame, when the kettle is on, heats up the side areas enough for it to emit a gas that smells terrible, whatever it is. It’s probably not good for me either. I resorted to leaving it in the clothing-drying area of the house where there are three windows, but that’s really not good enough. When I lift the kettle off, the smell disappears, so this probably has something to do with it. Reducing the size of the flame will probably help a bit, so I’m going to try that tomorrow and see how that works out…

Other than that, it brews tea rather well (or rather, it enables me to brew tea just fine). Let’s see if I can solve the odor mystery….

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