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Wednesday August 9, 2006

August 9, 2006 · 1 Comment

So I went to the Best Tea House today. I went to the main branch, where Tiffany, a trusted salesperson, was working today. I brought with me some goodies — the 99 Xizhihao sample from Hou De, as well as the Lao Banzhang from 2005.

No pictures today, as I was short on time. We tried both of them (with her brewing) and she thinks they are quite good — similar to some other cakes that she was showing me in the store that they have.

It’s rather interesting to see the sort of comparisons she makes and the observations she has about each particular tea. For example, she noticed that whereas drinking the 99 your lips do not stick to each other when you close your mouth, for the Lao Banzhang when you close your mouth, the lips get dry very quickly. It’s something I never noticed before, but she is right about that.

Yeah, lips and puerh tea. Never thought of that before.

Another thing she noted is that the fragrance of both the Xizhihao are not exceptionally high. While acknowledging that they are both powerful tea (in terms of cha qi) the fragrance is a little lacking. Of course, this might have to do with the “jet lagged” effect that Toki has talked about. It might also just be the case — not terribly fragrant, but strong.

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