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Thursday March 2, 2006

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I had another go at the aged Taiwan qingxiang oolong today. I am quite sure it’s aged, because it has a character that your regular Taiwan oolong does not. However, it does leave you hanging a little — while the tea is good, it’s somewhat unsatisfying. There’s no punch to the tea. It doesn’t knock you out with a “wow”. I suppose that’s partly the result of it being aged — it does mellow out a bit, since it’s not like Puerh. Then again, it has some nice undertones not usually found in Taiwan oolongs…

The tea leaves are somewhat darker than your typical qingxiang oolong, which is often quite green. If you just look at the dry leaves though there is really no way to tell what on Earth it may be specifically, other than some generic oolong of some sort.

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