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Sunday February 5, 2006

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Today I decided to go with the tieguanyin from Upton again. Last time I felt that I didn’t get a good taste out of it because one of the packs were unsealed, so perhaps the tea got compromised. I used two packs again (at this rate it’ll be gone pretty fast!), and I used my pot this time instead of the gaiwan.

The tea tastes good!! Although it’s not the best tieguanyin I’ve had, it’s really rather good for what it’s worth. The aftertaste is strong, and this time less bitter than last. The signature tieguanyin taste is very present and up front, and it envelopes your mouth after you’ve gulped it down. The tea is “thick” and coats the cup well. I’m really quite liking it. In case you’re wondering, they call it the Floral Tieguanyin, but as far as I can tell, no funny business with flowers in the tea.

Maybe it also helped that I changed the core of my water filter. I use a PUR filter, which so far has served me pretty well. I used to use a Brita, but I’ve found the PUR has water coming out tasting better, with a sweet taste to it. I think it does filter better than your regular Brita. Maybe that has something to do with the tea tasting good, hmmm.

Either way though, I’d heartily recommend it for someone who wants to try a decent tieguanyin. It’s not that cheap, but it’s not bad either (at Tealuxe prices, this is still cheaper than their exotic grade — and this is far better than Tealuxe tieguanyin!).

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